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Child Development Centers


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Aberdeen Area CDC
Bldg 2485
Aberdeen, MD 21005
Phone: 410-278-5748

Bayside CDC
Bldg 2521
Aberdeen, MD 21005
Phone: 410-278-4683

Edgewood Area CDC
Bldg E-1901
Edgewood, MD 21010
Phone: 410-436-2692

The Child Development Centers of APG are places of learning and nurturing for all of our children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. They provide year-around (closed only for Federal holidays) full-day and hourly programs and before- and after-Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten services to meet the needs of soldiers and their families.

Utilizing the creative curriculum, our approach balances both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning, with an emphasis on responding to children's learning styles and building on their strengths and interests. We provide opportunities for learning in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, technology, and personal hygiene and health. Yet, we never lose sight of the importance of children's social/emotional development. The most important goal of our early childhood curriculum is to help children become enthusiastic learners. This means encouraging children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts.

Full Day Care. The Child Development Centers are open for full day care Monday - Friday 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. for children 6 weeks to 5 years. Costs are based on total family income (see fees) as directed by the Department of Defense Patron Fee Policy. Each child is assigned to a primary caregiver. Activities are based on observations.

Hourly Care. The Hourly Care program is designed to meet the needs of parents who need child care on an intermittent basis. To make an hourly reservation, call AA CDC at 410-278-5748 or EA CDC at 410-436-2692. Give your child's name, age, and the date and time for which hourly care is needed. Reservations will be taken no more that two weeks in advance. Monthly calendars are available, depending on age. Child care is limited to a maximum of 25 hours per week per child. The fee is $4 per hour. In the event a patron fails to use the reserved hourly care time, fees will be assessed, since the space could not be used by another family. Contact each center for the hours the hourly care program is available. Special consideration is given to families that have appointments at Kirk Army Clinic. Please inform the centers when making your reservation. All spaces are reserved on a first-come basis.

Kindergarten and Pre-school care. The Centers provide before and after school care for children attending full-day Kindergarten or part-day pre-school at Roye Williams Elementary in the Aberdeen area and Edgewood Elementary in the Edgewood Area. Children are transported from the CDC's to school on Harford County school buses. Children who are enrolled in other schools must be transported to their schools by their parents. Meals are offered to children in the center before the bus comes in the morning, and upon the return of the children at noon for the pre-school children and at the end of the day for Kindergarteners. The APG Child Development Centers strive to enhance the learning that takes place in the County schools by providing a variety of activities and materials that are age-appropriate and reflect their interests. Parents are responsible for enrollment in the school and to notify them of their child's attendance in the Child, Youth & School Services CDC program.


Central Registration/Outreach Services:  410-278-7571/7479
Youth Sports and Fitness:  410-306-2297
School Liaison: 410-278-2857