Hunter In Charge

All hunters at APG are required to hunt with at least one other person. Under no circumstance will hunters be in the field alone. In addition, there will be at least one person who has a Hunter-In-Charge status in each hunting party. To obtain Hunter-In-Charge status you must first fall under the following categories:
1)    Active Duty Military assigned to APG
2)    APG Civilian Employees
3)    Active National Guard assigned to APG
4)    Retired Military for APG (DD 214)
5)    Retired Military with proof of hunting participation prior to 1 July 1994 and after 1 July 1990
6)    Retired APG Civilians
7)    Badged Multi-year Contractors who are in the status of mission support requirement. Provide written statement initiated by the COR and concurred by COR's Activity Security Office. (Note: Actual participation is subject to current threat condition.)
Next you must meet the following requirements:
1)    Proof of hunting eight times at APG by either accompanying another Hunter-In-Charge or signing up to hunt on an MWR escorted hunt.
2)    Attend the MWR hunting tour/class, which is offered once a month (depending on number of requests)