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Maryland Guide to Hunting and Trapping

Maryland Guide to Hunting & Trapping
(MD Seasons)

Welcome to the Aberdeen Proving Ground Hunting Program
The Outdoor Recreation Department invites you to view the following links below for information on Hunter's Safety Classes, the Maryland State Hunting and Trapping Guide, and the APG Hunting Brochure. In addition, make sure to explore the helpful topics about hunting at Aberdeen Proving Ground further down on the page.

Maryland Hunter Safety Education Classes
Maryland DNR Hunter Education Class Izaak Walton League of America
Harford County Chapter
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APG Hunting Seasons:
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Download.the APG Hunting Guide
APG Bowhunter Webinar
APG Bowhunter Webinar Quiz
APG Hunting & Trapping Request - Form 1249

A Brief History
Who is Eligible to Hunt on Aberdeen Proving Ground?
Hunter In Charge
Hunter In Charge Tour/Class Dates
How to purchase an APG hunting permit
Where to purchase an APG hunting permit
How much does an APG hunting permit cost?
Aberdeen Area Hunting Management Facility Hours of Operation
Edgewood Area Hunting Management Facility Hours of Operation
Archery Proficiency Qualification and Safety Handout Day
Shotgun Proficiency Qualification Days
Shotgun Sight-In Days in Edgewood
Volunteer Sign Hanging Schedule
2013-2014 Hunting Updates
Hunting Season Volunteer Schedule

2013 Maryland Fishing Guide

Restricted Area Fishing
To take part in recreational fishing in restricted areas at APG, you must be an Installation Identification Card holder and with an Installation restricted area access badge holder. No guests or immediate family members are allowed to participate. Qualified anglers will apply for access for a specific area and date at the Outdoor Recreation Equipment Resource Center, Bldg 2407. The angler will complete an application form and receive a vehicle identification card. The card will be displayed clearly in the vehicle while fishing in the secure areas, and returned to the issue point upon leaving the security area. If the ORERC is closed, the angler will deposit the Vehicle Identification Card into the existing return box.

Secured areas closed to the public at all times:
  • Black Point to Bear Point - Spesutie Narrows
  • Taylor Island Point to Locust Point Romney Creek
  • Delph Creek
  • Abbey Creek and waters adjacent to Abbey Point Recovery Field.
  • Cod Creek
  • Kings Creek
  • Coopers Creek
  • Boone Creek
  • Watson Creek
  • Swaderick Creek
  • Canal Creek
  • Reardon Inlet
  • Hawthorne Cove
  • Pond Point to Chilbury Point
  • Monks Creek
  • Mosquito Creek

* Fishing from military boat dock or bridge is prohibited.

* Under no circumstances will anglers attempt to pick up or otherwise disturb items of ammunition, exploded or unexploded, or other ordnance material which may be in fishing areas. All fishermen will report any ordnance sighing immediately to MWR on extension 278-4124 or to the Wildlife and Marine Special Agents at 278-3305, or dial 911.

Recreation Fishing at APG
Recreational fishing in secure areas requires a pictured APG Security ID Badge, therefore guests are not permitted. The MWR fee for this activity is $5. Recreational fishing in non-secured areas requires a Maryland fishing license and there is no MWR fee. Commercial crabbing/fishing in restricted and non-restricted waters requires the proper Tidal Fishing License. The fee is $53.

Non-Secured designated areas:

  • Swan Creek - easterly from the Installation perimeter to Bldg 2403.
  • 100 feet from the Spesutie Island Boat Club launching ramp, easterly along the shore to Spesutie Island security area fence line.
  • East Shore of Woodpecker Point - from causeway to Dipple Creek.
  • West Shore of Spesutie Island - from causeway to 200 meters south.
  • West Shore of Gunpowder Neck - from installation boundary near the AMTRAK bridge to security area fence.
  • East Shore of Lauderick Creek - Skippers Point south to security area fence.

* Fishing from MWR boat dock and piers is prohibited.

For more information on permits please contact the Outdoor Recreation Equipment Rental Center, Bldg 2407, 410-278-4124.

Non-Secured Areas: NONE
State Fishing License required for all ages 16 and older.

Secured Area Permits are $5 annually (1 Jan - 31 Dec). State Fishing License required prior to purchase of permit. 100% ID and badge check at the time of permit purchase. STATE FISHING LICENSES ARE NOT SOLD AT APG.

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