APG MWR - Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Program APG MWR - Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Program
  • Location: Bldg 2379
  • Phone: 410-278-5178
  • Fax: 410-278-2884
  • Thu & Fri: 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
    Sat & Sun: 7 a.m.-5 p.m.
    Mon-Wed & Holidays: Closed

The Auto Craft Center is a SELF-HELP facility that has 9 Hydraulic Lift Bays, 5 General Flat Bays, 3 Bodywork Bays, a Tire Change Station and Paint Room bay. There are knowledgeable personnel available for technical assistance. We provide you a clean, safe, and earth-friendly environment, while YOU make repairs and perform maintenance on your privately owned vehicles and equipment. General tools and some specialty tools are provided for your convenience. YOU DO THE WORK - we ensure quality standards are met. Qualification cards are accepted from other military installations or see Auto Craft staff for an APG card.


  • ...use our SNAP-ON® SOLUS PRO OBDII Scanner to scan your vehicles for emission failure codes
  • ...have your Rotors/Drums turned for you on our Brake Lathe.
  • ...use our Tire Changers to change tires...including low profile tires!  
  • ...use our Computer Wheel Balancer
  • ...use our Wheel Alignment System
  • ...rent our Car Tow Dolly
  • ...use our state of the art Mitchell OnDemand 5® internet maintenance manual library
  • ...access Chilton® Library (online auto repair database) through AKO - DETAILS HERE
...and much more!
3 New Car Lifts Added to Lift Bay
3 Car Lifts Added to Lift Bay
Low Profile Tire Changer
Low Profile Tire Changer


$2 Off bay fees for Active Duty and Immediate Family.
(all prices subject to change)
General Bay $8 per hr, per vehicle
Lift Bay $10 per hr, per vehicle
Computer Wheel Balancer (weights included) $8 per tire
Tire Changer (Regular) $5 per tire
Tire Changer (Low Profile) $9 per tire
Paint Booth $15 per hr or $55 per day
Battery Charger $5 per use
Brake Lathe $12 per rotor or drum
Hydraulic Press $4 per use
Glass Beading $10 per 30 min.
Welding $10 per 30 min.
Check Engine Light Diagnostic $7 per vehicle
Car Wash Rack $8 per hour
Wet/Dry Vacuum $2 per use
Waste Oil Disposal Fee $1 per gal/oil fill
Motorcycle Portable Lift $5 per hour
Car Dolly with 2" Tow Ball $8 per hr or $40 per day
Wheel Alignment $70 per vehicle
Vehicle Storage (outside of building) $7 per day


LONG TERM STORAGE: $80 - 1st month   •   $90 - 2nd month   •   $100 - 3rd month
After the third (3rd) month, fees will be $120 per month, up to a maximum of six (6) months; after that, vehicles will be considered abandoned and reported to APG law enforcement, and will be towed at owner's expense.

Brake Rotor Lathe
Truck Frame
Manager Using Brake Rotor Lathe
Customer Re-Building a Ford F-150 Truck