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Self-Care Boarding Facility
APG South Stables are located at Bldg E5286 in the Edgewood Area of APG. The stables are a self-care boarding facility for privately owned horses of Military and Civilian Employees, Retirees and their Family members.

Owners are required to provide all feed, bedding and daily care for their horses. All incoming horses are required to undergo ten day quarantine in a holding pen approximately one mile from the facility. Required vaccinations are Rabies, West Nile Virus, Potomac Fever, 4-1 and a negative Coggins Test. Horses go through vaccinations and exam upon entry and release by post veterinary services. Ungelded horses are not permitted at the facility. The work session time will be in addition to the time spent doing daily work chores. Other restrictions apply once a space has become available. If no space is available, priority will be given in accordance with AR 215-1, Table 7-1.


  • 23 box stall barn
  • Four turn-out pastures
  • Lighted riding area
  • Water troughs in each pasture
  • 12 by 24 run-in sheds in three pastures
  • Barn with water and electric
  • Barn has tack, grain and hay storage
  • Surrounded by 3000 acres

Who May Apply
All patrons must possess a valid Military to installation identification card and must be the titled owner of any horse being stabled. Patrons will be responsible for all personal equipment and activity property damaged caused by themselves, family members and/ or their horse or horses.

Click for: Stable Storage Application & Registration
Click for: Stable SOP & Policies

(Patrons must provide proof of eligibility annually.)
Registration Period: October 1 to September 30
Applications for upcoming registration are accepted beginning August 1.
Once space is confirmed, payment is due October 1.